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93 infiniti J30- after warming up the car runs horribly

I have a 93 Infiniti J30 that when started in the morning, when the engine is cold, runs great. But about 10 minutes later, when the car is warmed up, it won’t pass 3000 rpm even when the pedal is pushed to the floor. It just jumps rpms when i press the gas, all in the 2000’s. for example the rpm jumps from 2200 to 2600 to 2400 to 2800 and so on. When I turn the car off, it won’t start until the next day, when the motor has cooled down. The car idles fine however. There is a post on this website called 1993 Infiniti J30 To Run or Not to Run? by a user named Jsnbaker. Everything that was wrong with his car is wrong with mine. I’ve checked to see if the caltalytic converters were clogged, replaced the MAF sensor, replace the ignition control module, and checked to see if I have fuel and constant spark. Nothing has fixed the problem. Jsnbaker fixed the problem with his car and announced that it was the reference sensor. Isn’t a reference sensor a Crank sensor? Or is it a Cam sensor? Please tell me. Thank you

do you have any codes? I dont know the answer to your post, but if you have codes, the guys who do know will be able to help you based on those codes.

No. There is no check engine light on, and the computer doesn’t read that any thing is wrong.