Saturn 2003 L series

Thanks for the help people on my last question. I have another. The horn. My horn does not work. Is it possible to replace it yourself? Some people
say it is very costly. Please advise me guys how should I address this problem. I would like to know what to expect and/or anything and everything about it, (since I am a woman) please help me know what to do or say. By the way, it is super that women have a place to go to get help. I love all of you for helping us (women). I love listening to Car Talk. I’m kind of a tom boy type. I have and will try to do things myself.

Lakeland, FL

The problem might be with the 10 amp horn fuse under the hood, the horn relay, the clock spring in the steering wheel, the horn switch, or the ground connection for the horns.


If it is the horn itself, you can do this. It’s usually one bolt and one plug, but getting to it might be a hassle. See if you can find it: