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EGR Question?

1990 F150 Right before Christmas I checked the oil as it has been useing a little now I am thinking maybe leaking instead but no puddle’s under truck noticed the EGR tube was covered with oil but was dry at both end’s and every were around it. I cleaned it off put between 75 to 100 mile’s on it & noticed it is covered again any ideas?

Something is leaking oil onto the tube; the problem isn’t the tube itself, or the EGR valve. What engine do you have, and can you post a picture of the area?

Engine is 302 & I have no way to take a picture & do not have the knoledge to post if I did have a picture.

As far as something oil on it that is what I thought also but everything in the area that completelly dry it also look’s thick like something you would see in end of a tailpipe.

Does it look like this? I would suspect a leaky valve cover gasket.

That is it even the right body color will have check the gasket