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Bug Protectant Spray

I travel quite a deal and my husband would like to find a protectant spray to use on our minivan before we travel long distances to ease the pain of cleaning bugs from the car. What would you recommend?

When a bug splats against your vehicle it’s there. There’s nothing that can be sprayed on the vehicle to prevent the splatted bug from sticking. But there’s this product that removes the splatted bugs.

Now if you want to prevent the damage bugs and other road debris can cause to the front of the vehicle, 3M sells this.


well, actually, a well-waxed car will make it much easier to remove bugs than a non-waxed car. I use Meguiars Gold Class. Then when I get a bug, I use a microfiber cloth and Quick Detailer spray to get it off.

Bugs come off well with straight ammonia. The liquid, not the gas. Then wipe paint with damp cloth and then use liquid wax in the spray bottle.