Fiero 84 85


ok heres a fun stilling looking for a car and i found one that i have always love .its a FIERO YEAHHHHHHH.two guys r saleing one.the frist one is a black 85 all the guy says is that it runs well.the second one is a 84. the guy says It does have a cracked windshield.and one of the syncro’s is getting a little weak in one gear. i have no ideal what that is but he says if im not hotrodding its not a big deal and if i do race it just make is 500 and one is 600 i will just give them 400 so which one should i get


Well, a synchro that is going is more than likely pointing toward a vehicle that needs, or has needed, a clutch at one time along with possibly going through some hard shifting.

Replacement of a synchronizer means that you will basically be rebuilding the transmission in its entirety.

If the other runs out well, then it’s the lesser of the two evils is the way I would look at it.
The first year Fieros also suffered some chronic engine problems.


Save your money. The ONLY Fiero worth ANY money are the '86 and newer V6 GT models. The rest are junk.


Personally, I’d take the 1990 Town Car over a Fiero.


Pretty good donor cars for kits . . mid-engine, small and plastic, cheap parts, wherre are they located? Rocketman


Hmm… ebola or bubonic plaque? LOL, just kidding. I quite like the Fieros, as I’m a Citation guy and the rear of the Fiero is pretty much the same as the front of a Citation (suspension and drivetrain, that is).

You’re going to have to drive both and decide which one you like more. Just keep in mind that both are going to give you problems, they’re over 20 years old and weren’t terribly reliable to start out with. Unique, fun little cars, though.


ha ha sorry for posting the same question twice.was drinking when i did it.ha town car or fiero. don’t know


i found a 87 fiero.with hood and fender damage.what should i give im thinking 300 they want 500.and how much would it cost to fix that.and i found a 86 that needs one trans cooler line and break master cylinder for 800 and how much would that cost and should i even get it.