Intermittent radio

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Hey ya all I am having stock radio problems. One day the radio wouldn’t turn off, so I had to pull the fuse. It’s not the RAP because windows stopped working when I open door. It’s not the door jamb switch because the dome light comes on when I open the door.

I put the fuse back in, and the radio would not work. Driving around, the radio randomly came back on. It worked for a little bit, all the buttons and whatnot. Then the screen started flashing rapidly, and none of the buttons would work, and it wouldn’t turn off again. This cycle has been going on for a couple weeks now. Radio won’t turn off, pull fuse, turns on randomly, won’t shut off.

I pulled the radio, tested the red power wire and it has 12 volts all the time, key on or off. I also checked the black and white ground wire and there seems to be good continuity. I can’t figure out what the voltage test is for the low speed GM serial data LAN. But it has no voltage with key on or off. I also can’t seem to find any wire that shows a change in voltage between accessory on or off. I also cannot seem to find a way to bench test the stock radio. Any help would be appreciated thank you.

Normally power to the radio is turned off with the ignition switch but in your case it may be normal that the power stays on, I don’t know. The real problem seems to be internal to the radio going by what you stated about the issue. There are places that can repair your unit but the less expensive fix may be to find a replacement unit on Ebay.

Some late model vehicles switch the radio on/off via a communication signal on the BUS. Your link indicates that you have a Chevrolet Cobalt, that would be a vehicle from the 21st century. The failure is very likely within the radio.

I wish there were a way to bench test the unit to know for sure. I hate to shotgun a problem and throw parts at it without knowing. I prefer situations that are testable and repeatable. At any rate thanks for replies.

There seems to be more issues with the radio than just the ON/OFF control. I think the best you could do to try and fix the unit is to get inside it and look for loose connections. You might get lucky and find something.