Fickel air conditioning

what is wrong with my air conditioner when it randomly cools the car and randomly stops cooling the car? when the ac stops cooling the car i turn it off for awhile, a minute or two, and when i turn it back on, it usually works again for awhile and then stops working and i do the turn on and turn off thing all over again.

It sounds like the refrigerant level is low. When that happens, the system will–literally–freeze-up after running for a while. The ice accumulation blocks the flow of cool air, and this results in warm air being emitted.

Take the car to an A/C specialist shop. It needs to have the source of the refrigerant leak fixed before recharging the system.

thank you for your reply, it actually makes sense to me and i will be taking it into the dealership tomorrow.
thank you!!

you missed the most important piece of advice… take the car to an AC shop. their rates will likely be 60 to 80% of a dealer

I will add that if you take it to the Dealer it just may get dispatched to a mechanic that is just learning AC repair,and learning on your car, believe me it happens.

fortunately the ac repair was under warrenty so it was free.
thank you again for your advice.

You’re very welcome.

However, I am puzzled over your statement, “the ac repair was under warrenty so it was free”.

Since Volvo has not manufactured their 240 model since 1993, that is an incredible warranty that you have!
Can you give us the details of that warranty?