AC sporadic



I just bought a 2001 Volvo V70 - everything running great except AC…the AC works for a while (nice and cold) and then the compressor shuts off after a few minutes…I then turn the AC off for a few minutes and when I turn it on it’s working again…sometimes longer intervals…could it be the thermostat? Computer glitch? Just tired out?


This could be as simple as a low refrigerant charge, or something more serious. An A/C shop will be able to determine what is going on by using a manifold gauge set. Take the car to a shop, have them look at it.



Thanks - I bought the car from a high end repair shop
(work on BMW, Mercedes, Volvo) and they said it was recharged - they are stumped and going to call in to Volvo…just thought I’d research on my own…