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Fiat stilo 2002

how does the back seat go down?

Is it in the owner’s manual? Don’t expect much help here. Almost everyone is from the USA and you can’t buy a Fiat here, or in Canada. If you don’t want to ask the dealer, watch for another Stilo owner in a parking lot and ask her.

Apparently the US isn’t the only country where people don’t bother to read the Owner’s Manual.

aint got no mannual to read.only bought the car yesterday.CRAP replies wont be on this web site again OK!!!

the back seat is probably broke because its a fiat!!!..f.i.a.t. stands for fix it again tomorrow!!!ha ha!!

Yikes, how hard is it to put a seat down?

You’re welcome to do whatever you want. I just pointed out that most people on this board aren’t familiar with Fiats since they haven’t been sold in the US or Canada for several decades. Maybe you can download the manual from the Fiat web site. Or find that other Stilo driver and ask her.