2017 Fiat 124 Spider - How to find a local shop

Looking for a Shop that has some Experience in Repair and Service for my 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth my Warranty Expired and I don’t want to Go to the Dealership.

Since I don’t know where you are I’d suggest Yelp or Google.

You did not give your location , what kind of service you need and you have a low sales volume vehicle so the dealer is more likely to have parts and sources to repair this vehicle .

Frankly on something like this I would not take it anywhere but the dealer.

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Agree with what Volvo-V70 said. You say it is out of warranty, the powertrain, as far as I can determine, is 4/50,000.
For routine service any shop can handle that. The upside is your car is mostly Mazda, the downside, the engine is Fiat.

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You should post an ad in a local “alternative” publication, with the heading “masochist needed”


Did you know FIAT is an acronym of Fix It Again Tony?

Good Luck!


Perhaps the Japanese are not hung up on cliches like a bunch of old men sitting around a cast iron stove.

There is a bunch of shops in Arlington VA, that specialize on imports. I’m sure they have them in other cities too. Although they may not want to work on a Fiat.

Yes, but it can be difficult at this point to find a Fiat dealership. There was only one in my NJ county, and now it is gone. The closest one is in Staten Island, NY, which means paying high bridge tolls to get there and back.

The Dealer first but in addition for a good source of information and referrals you can also try FIAT car clubs at https://fiatclubamerica.com/chapters-fiat-club-america/

We have a Fiat specialist here in town, they also handle Mini’s among other makes, pretty sure they mostly see 500’s. There are 2 dealers within 30 or so miles of here. One basically sells a few Fiat’s as part of getting the new Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram franchise.