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Ferrari Bumper dent - how much to fix?

About how much can one expect to pay to fix a small dent (about an inch) in the front bumper of a Ferrari (I think it’s a California but not 100% sure, don’t know the year)? Not much detail, I realize, but a ballpark figure would be helpful.

$25,000. If it were MY ferarri I’d want a whole new fender, not a repair.
Of course, not knowing the story, I can only throw out a very wild guess.

Is it a dent in plastic bumper cover, or in metal? Either way, it’s big $$. Insurance should be involved in this.

It’s probably a dent in the carbon fiber fender…oops…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Texases made a great point. You need to give us something to work with. And tell us what the insurance company said.

If you need to ask, you can’t afford to own this car…Repairing and maintaining Italian sports cars is a completely separate industry, not part of the normal automotive repair system…They are all Fiats, they just have different price-points and name badges…

With a little effort, you can post a picture or two of the dent in question and get world-wide responses…

arm and a leg plus first born child.

If you don’t know what model it is . . . it isn’t yours, I suppose. Could you post more details and maybe a picture? Love to know how it happens you’re in this dilemna. Rocketman

I think the bumper is the least of your problems.

Not that California, I bet it’s this (much less valuable) one:

If OP doesn’t know which model it is, he doesn’t own it. He just ran into it.

I doubt if we’ll hear from the OP again. The answers we gave him were, I suspect, not what he was hoping for.