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Dent repair estimate

Hey car forum folks – thanks in advance for any help on this. My car was recently dented, and the mechanic estimated about $1200 (USD) for the repairs. Does this sound like an accurate estimate for the work required? I realize the pictures I’m attaching will only give you so much information, but it’s an area above the front left wheel housing. Also, in case regional prices have an effect on this sort of thing, I’m in San Francisco.

$1,200 doesn’t seem like a lot to me, but I suggest you get at least two more estimates. They can vary a lot between shops.

It would be a little high in Minnesota but SanFran is another matter with all of the restrictions. I recently had about an 8" fender dent without scratches and not too deep. The paintless guy did it for $150 which was an hour and a half. To do it conventionally was going to be $350. Does your estimate call for a new fender and/or bumper cover, or just repairing. At any rate it would be painting two panels so I think its in the ball park.

That sounds like a very fair price to do the job correctly based on the photo. It looks like the bumper cover is fine, just being held in by the bent fender, but needs some paint touch up.

Try a paintless dent repair shop, you will get happiness for $200 or less! Won’t probably be perfect but won’t be 1200 either. Personal experience with one of those shops,

That sounds fair. Repair the bumper cover, repair or replace the fender depending on the cost of an LKQ fender and a possible blend.

I don’t think paintless would work on this. That estimate is pretty good (cheap) for CA. Only the bumper fix, paint and clearcoat would run close to $800 here.