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Federal Emissions Warranty

I have found a portion of my warranty booklet that says the catalytic converter and associated equipment is covered for 8 years or 80,000 miles whichever comes first. I just wonder how successful people may have been in collecting on this warranty claim. The reason I ask is my 2002 Chevy Truck which has 73’000 miles just ran into this issue, which is an expensive fix out of pocket.

Your vehicle must also fail a EPA accepted emissions test to qualify.The vehicle must have been “maintained”.

The EPA test would be administered by who? I live in MI where the state does not do these. I guessing the dealership would be able to do this quite quickly. Also define “Maintained” if you would.

I had no problem with getting a new cat on my Suburban at about that mileage. Shouldn’t be a problem.

You are out of luck,as far as I read the warranty (It is at the front of my AA automotive program textbook.The word “maintained” is not clearly stated,it would probably mean a cat that was not damaged by oil burning,coolant injestion,or a extended “rich” running condition or physically damaged.

You will need a Dealer to make a diagnosis,and your part and labor will come from a Dealer of your make of car.

The Dealer is certainly free to extend you “goodwill” even if you don’t meet the letter of the warranty,if they honor your claim and GM says no, then they eat it,it may be worth it to them to make a customer happy.

The Dealer does not perform EPA accepted emissions tests.

Thanks for the info, I guess if you don’t ask you don’t get. I will talk to the dealer and see what they say. It’s a vehicle we don’t drive much anymore and is in good working order(other than the listed problem) with all maintenance done “by the book”. Again Thanks for the education.

I hope my experience goes as smooth as yours.

I don’t think any ‘goodwill’ is needed, you’re in warranty, and the dealer can run the test (just a tailpipe emissions test). Unless there are signs of abuse or neglect, no reason for them to deny it.

There should be no problem with getting this done.

Just curious - how do you know you need a cat?

Just take some time and look how the warranty is written,seriously I am not making it up.It says “An emissions test approved by the EPA” direct quote.Seems to me they are refering to a test one of the States administer,and it says it “must fail a test approved by the EPA”.It does say “properly maintains the vehicle”.I am just going on what is wrote into law.

I hope the guy gets his cat,but thats the way it’s written.

I see what you mean, but I can’t imagine the EPA would allow manufacturers to avoid this in all areas not subject to local tests. This is why I asked the OP how he knows he has a bad cat.

It is a interesting senario,remember the RAV4 post that needed a ECU,and the guy who needed a ECU and was 2 mths out of time? I just wonder how they went (the cat and the ECU are the only parts that get the 8 yr 80,000 warranty)

The high end Dealer I worked at in Milwaukee never gave anyone trouble over a cat,never had to do a ECU.

Sorry for the late post.

Had a friend plug his code reader into the port under the dash (OBDII?) and it came back, forgive me I don’t know the specific code, “Bank 2, Catalytic…Something” sorry I couldn’t be of more help with this. Also had a rattling in the pipe and the same guy put it on the lift and said sounds like the Cat. Converter has dropped part of its internals into the “Y” pipe. The Duel Cats on this vehicle are right underneath the exhaust manifolds.

Hope this helps