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Epa emissions warranty eligibility

the check engine light on my 2003 passat came on at about 81,000 miles. my mechanic said i need a new catalytic converter. the epa has a program to replace them “up to 8 years/80,000 miles.” it doesn’t say “which ever comes first” so i’m desperately hoping my car is still eligible since it’s less than 8 years old. i want some back-up before i try to take this to the dealer. many thanks!

8 years/80,000 miles means 8 years OR 80,000 miles, whichever comes first, just like all other warranties.

I’d get a second opinion. A code for “catalytic converter operating below threshold,” or something similar does NOT automatically mean you need a new cat. Sometimes new oxygen sensors will correct the cat’s operation.

O2 sensors are a LOT less expensive than converters. Try the inexpensive things first.

many thanks. that’s sound advice, but unfortunately, he kept the car overnight and tested for problems with the o2 sensor v. catalytic converter. he seemed pretty surprised it was the latter. he’s worked on our cars for about 5 years and i’ve never had reason to doubt him. that’s why i was so eager to see if i might still qualify for the warranty. alas.