Emission Warranty

Anybody know what emission warranty period

for 2001 Toyota Camry? Specifically the Cat. Converter

8 yrs from date of original purchase or 80k miles, whichever comes first, IIRC.

Why do you suspect you need a cat converter?

This warranty is FEDERALLY MANDATED! All vehicles have to meet the same standards. The catalytic converter is part of the emission system and is covered for defects in manufacturing. This is 8 years or 80,000 miles as mentioned. The components covered are the engine control module, Catalytic converter and protector (shield), Data link Connector, and various warning bulbs.

The system’s PERFORMANCE DEFECTS have a 3 year or 40,000 mmile warranty. This is shorter because you could fail to maintain the engine, and the out of tune engine could cause the malfunction of the emission control system. In other words, if you put diesel fuel in your car you would be liable for the repairs, although the components would be covered. Same with spark plugs or injectors failing; the emission repair work would be to your account.

This is a good incentive to perform all maintenance work on time. But many drivers confuse the emission equipment defect warranty with the actual function of that equipment which depends on what shape the engine is in.

I hope this clears up the confusion!

This is my son’s car that was running poorly. The garage put it on a computer,and thats what came up.

Thanks texases and Docnick

I have not figured out why there is a need for a performance defect warranty, it seems like the vehicles normal warranty covers almost exactly the same things, in some cases for a longer period. I am not sure where I stand on your interpetation of the performance defect warranty taking over to repair components damaged by owner abuse (incorrect fuel selection in the example you cite). I have never seen this warranty activated for some reason.

I have a 2005 text book that lists the performance defect warranty at 2yrs 24,000, something I need to take some time to sort out.

It would be nice if we knew exactly what the computer reported. It would have been one or more error codes like {P1234} It is easy to misinterpret error codes.

Agree it gets confusing, oldschool. My Toyota manual says that the performance of the emission system has the following warranty:

  1. The whole car is warranted for 36 months or 40,000 miles.

  2. The emission system has the same warranty ( 3 years) of course during that time (parts & labor)

  3. The Emission PARTS have an 8 year, 80,000 mile defect (manufacturing/function) warranty, as required by federal law.

  4. The footnote also says that “Performance warranty (related parts) coverage is for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first” That’s quoting directly from the owner’s handbook. This must cover part related to, but not part of the emission system that have the 2 year coverage.

I gave “owner neglect” myself as an example of the emission controls not working properly, due to poor combustion rather than the fault of the emission system. For the first 3 years or so Toyota must feel confident that the iridium spark plugs, etc. will not get the engine out of tune, hence the 3 year parts and labor coverage.

On my next visit to the dealer I will ask for an explanation; you may be right of never having seen this warranty applied to owner abuse. I have not either.

In those states where the owner has to pass an annual emission test, and fails in the first 3 years, I conclude that Toyota’s warranty should generally fix this for free. If it fails after that, and in less than 8 years or 80,000 miles) only labor charges would apply, but the parts would be free.

It gets even more confusing as here in AZ the car is never given a chance to fail a emissions test in the first three years of its life, the earliest the first test comes is after 5 years (my 2004 is still waiting to be told to get tested for the first time, it may or may not come this year as 2005 and earlier OBD2 cars are on a every other year basis).

I can see a circumstance where a very new car is required to test,if someone reports your car as a “smoker” you will be required to get it tested reguardless. (this public reporting feature is for CA and some other states, I have never seen it used here in AZ).