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Fed up with my 2014 Kia Rondo

My 2014 Kia Rondo has the engine light on and off for a while now. Took it into Kia dealer before the 100K mark and they could not find an issue. The light is back on and the dealer found code P0014B. There is a miss fire on cylinder 1. They have to pull the front of the engine to know the problem. Also having a problem with jamming door locks, causes the doors to be open and cannot close (on front driver and passenger side). Last but not least, fuel tank dropped to empty this morning - my tank was filled yesterday. Happening the 2nd week in a row after filling my tank. #fedup#

How many miles did you drive after the tank was filled?
And, because it is entirely possible that your gas gauge is not accurate, you won’t really know how many gallons of gas are remaining in the tank until you refill the tank and subtract the number of gallons that you purchased from the actual capacity of the tank.


engine has misfire. could be bad plug or bad coil. ecm issues? pretty rare. coolant in cylinder? lets hope not. burned exhaust valve? not good either. v6 motor? dont know where #1 cyl is. front or back of motor

This is a case of where who ever wrote this question really needs someone to help her understand what is going on and ask the dealer questions . Sounds like gas gauge is faulty , but door locks problem is not clear and just saying the front of engine needs pulled will not help the people here who could help.

I drive at least 6km to home after filling the tank. Strangely the gas gauge returned after driving 50km to work the next morning. This happened last week after filling the tank also. Not sure if it will happen a 3rd time but my disappointment in this vehicle grows daily.

You have two problems. Your gas gauge is malfunctioning. This can be fixed, or you can use your odometer to measure the miles between fillups. My wife uses the odometer on about 15 yo van because she doesn’t want to put the money into fixing the gas gauge. Until you get it fixed, use the odometer method.

Do you have a Kia Rondo SUV? 2010 was the last year in the USA for this vehicle. You can’t have one if you live in the USA. so, it could be an older Rondo or a 2014, different car. The Rio, maybe?

A P0014 DTC trouble code may be caused by one or more of the following: Incorrect camshaft timing Wiring problems (harness/wiring) in intake timing control valve control solenoid system Continuous oil flow to VCT piston chamber Failed timing valve control solenoid (stuck open)

Read more at:

Thanks for inquring. Im not an expert and the first words from the dealer was to buy a new car… He did explain that they would need to pull the front of the engine to investigate further and the error code points to several issues. In other words…they dont know what is causing the problem.

Replacing the vehicle might be the best choice. If you put money in this thing the next problem is going to make you more disappointed than you are now .

Thanks for replying. I’m in Canada. My 2014 Kia Rondo is a SUV crossover … 7 seater. I know whatever the problems are…the price to fix will be costly.

OK. I asked so that I could provide a mileage estimate between fill ups if you don’t know already. The V6 engine gets 18 mpg in city driving and the 4-cylinder engine gets 20 mpg in the city. Tank size in the US version is 15.9 US gallons. Use that to figure a range between fillups. If you have a diesel, the range will be different.

One more thing: the engine repair may be costly, but that depends on the real problem. It could be a sensor, or it could be more involved (costly). If you want to keep the car, get at least three estimates. Just describe the symptoms and let the shops decide what it needs.

The problem is most likely the fuel sending unit and not the gauge itself

The fuel sending unit is located in the gas tank, and it’s part of the “fuel module”

An idea . . . start filling up with top tier fuel. It might remove any deposits which might be contributing to/causing this problem. It worked for me on one of my personal vehicles

+1 !
Yes, using Top Tier gasoline could potentially resolve a problem with the fuel sending unit, as well as keeping the injectors and the valves free of deposits.

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Key stuck in the ignition twice. Anyone else?

The p0014 code is for the camshaft variable valve timing (VVT) function. The ecm is commanding the camshaft to change its timing (phase angle) w/respect to the crankshaft, but that timing change isn’t occurring as expected for some reason. Generally the most common reason for VVT malfunctions reported here is deferred maintenance, not following the manufacturer’s oil and filter change intervals. Unlike prior engine designs from the 90’s and before, VVT engines are very finicky about oil.