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Check Gages light on?

The check gages light has gone on and off alot when i first bought the car, when it comes on, the gas tank drops to empty even when i just filled it up. It does all the time now, ive gotten the oil changes done so it couldnt be that. Any idea what it might be?

GM has had problems with gas tank sending units failing.

What year,model and brand? Is this car still under warranty?

OP’s other post says this is a 2002 V6 Camaro.

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Yes sorry it is 2002 V6 Camaro.

You might want to try adding GM’s Fuel System Cleaner Plus to the gas at the next fill.

Sulfur in gasoline can mess up the fuel level sending unit.

It’s not cheap!

But it beats having to drop the gas tank.


Start filling up a top-tier rated filling stations

I also had a problem with an inaccurate fuel sending unit in one of my vehicles

I started filling up at Costco, which has top-tier rated fuel, and the problem was immediately resolved

Do you mean the check engine light on the dashboard? Or is there a separate “check gauges” light too on a Camaro?

As posted above this isn’t an uncommon problem reported here, and is often due to a faulty sender unit. That’s the float gadget in the gas tank that senses the fuel level and converts it to an electrical signal for the fuel gauge on the dashboard. GM gauges in general sometimes develop another type of problem, the actuator motor which moves the needle can fail. Not sure if this applies to the fuel gauge or not.

GM vehicles often have a separate “check gauges” light


Will try to use the ac delco fuel injector cleaner when i go fill up, will use chevron to fill up, should i use 87 89 or 91?

All octane levels of gasoline have the same amount of detergents.

Use what’s recommended for your vehicle.


Ive switched my gas to Chevron and used the Fuel injector cleaner when tank was close to empty and still have the problem. I would assume now its the fuel pump sensor?

You didn’t try the GM Fuel System Cleaner Plus?

Using Top Tier gasoline or fuel injector cleaner doesn’t remove the sulfur from the sending unit.

That’s what the PLUS means.


Yes thats the one i used. The one that goes in fuel tank

Ive noticed it stays at full alot more, tho it still drops to empty and check gages light comes on still.

Try one more application of the fuel system cleaner.

Add it and then fill the tank.


Will do, probably be another week before tanks empty so will let u know.

If the tank is almost full, add it now.

If it’s almost full, add the cleaner and fill the tank.


Sorry its been a while, had an injury at work thats taken my time. well i added the fuel treatment plus to the tank when it was empty and filled the tank right after. Ive noticed if i turn the car on and start driving immediately it stays at full, its only when i stay idle for a bit does it drop to empty. Idk if its improving or what to think?

Try it a few more days with the fuel treatment, it might slowly resolve itself. If not you’re probably looking at a replacement fuel gauge sender unit.