Problems emerge after canister is replaced on Kia Rondo

This is a 2007 Kia Rondo EX. At 48k my canister, valve, and fuel injection kit were replaced according to my invoice. Now the engine sounds like it’s working too hard until it reaches 5th gear. Also I am hearing a constant thump sound like your in a train; almost as if the tire isn’t round all the way around. Any suggestions. Can I blame this on the shop? And yes manufacturer parts were used to replace the faulty ones.

I would guess your car is still under warranty (2 years old and 48K miles) so don't worry about what is wrong. It is the dealer's problem, not yours.

I agree with Mr. Meehan.
The solution is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.

As long as this car was maintained in accordance with the mfr’s maintenance schedule, the Powertrain Warranty (100k, I believe) should be in effect.
Essentially any engine problem should be covered, so just take it back to the dealership.

Don’t even attempt to give them a diagnosis, as it will be ignored. Just describe the symptoms and take the service mgr along for a ride in order to demonstrate the symptoms that you are describing.

Make sure you write down everything, time date and name.
What works for me is to have a little note book and ask each person there name that you deal with and write it down while they watch you. If you are on the phone ask there name and if they have a employee number and there job title.

I took the car in and was told the engine problem was due to the plugs needing to be replaced. The thumping sound is from the rear brake. What would cause the plug problem? Also I am told that these are not covered under warranty.

Thanks in advance

What would cause the plug problem? Also I am told that these are not covered under warranty.

48,000 miles = time to replace the plugs. It is not a problem it is maintenance, sort of like buying fuel. Some cars recommend 60,000 miles or even longer, but they tend to use more expensive plugs and increase the the chance of a plug freezing in the engine.

Open your owner’s manual and see what it says about maintenance. Have you done or had done all the maintenance items listed there? If not now is the time to catch up.

I can't tell you about the brakes since I am not sure what they are, but replacing brake pads etc, is also maintenance.

I only know of one car that covers maintenance items for free.  Maintenance items you pay.

According to my manual the spark plug are due to be replaced at 100k or 10 years. The rear brake pads at 60k. This probably explains the rear brakes that the shop was talking about. However, I was never told which plugs were getting replaced. I am going to assume that they were the distributor plugs. Would the cheap unleaded gas have caused this issue.

Thanks in advance