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1996 Acura Integra 4 door LS sedan for $4500?

Is it me, or is $4500 for a 13 year old car with 104K miles (5 spd manual) on it way too high?

KBB and NADA have it in that range as well. ($4500-$4600)

I know they are reliable cars, but it seems steep. Am I crazy? Or do these cars really hold their value and are as dependable as I’ve read?

Is this car a steal at this price?

That to me would assume the body is in very good condition. The miles seem low for that year. But to me, it’s just an Accord and I would dicker accordingly regardless of the name plate.

Integras hold their value extremely well. You can negotiate the price, but $4,500 doesn’t seem unreasonable for such a reliable car with low miles.

Is this a dealer price or a private party?

It is a small dealer in MA.

The online info I’m finding for Integras is great - reliable, durable, runs well over 200K miles with minimal maintenance (standard wear/tear as well as oil changes).

Do you have any experience with Integras yourself? Would love to hear if you do. Thanks!

Many of us have experience with Accords (my Wife) and the same holds true for them. You will pay a little more for the name plate…$4500 may not seem unreasonable. A 13 year old car is beginning to rust in NE whether you see it or not and that is still my concern in MA. 13 year old Accords are rusting; 13 year old Integras are as well. Think body, as well as mileage when you think 13 year old car.
Personally, I’d look for a newer Accord for that price.

I’ve never owned an Integra, but if I were in the market for a used car I’d sure consider one.

I own a '97 Acura CL, which is basically a re-bodied Accord, and it’s been 100% reliable since I bought it, used, in 1998. All I’ve done is routine maintenance. The car uses no oil between changes every 5,000 miles, starts and runs perfectly, and has never needed any “repair.”

I’d want to know if the timing belt has been replaced on the Integra you’re looking at. If not, adjust your offer accordingly, because it needs a new belt TODAY. If there’s no receipt to prove the belt was replaced, assume it wasn’t. Don’t take anyone’s word for this, it’s too important. Honda engines are “interference” engines, and a broken timing belt will most likely cause expensive internal damage.

My local independent Honda specialist (mechanic) has many customers with over 300,000 miles on their Honda and Acura vehicles. I’m hoping to drive my Acura for at least another ten years, maybe more.

Excellent advice - thanks!

If you don’t mind my asking, how many miles are on your 97 CL?

The Integra was based on the Civic platform. Mechanically it’s much closer to a Civic than an Accord.

'97 Acura 2.2 CL, currently showing 84,394 miles. It had 25K on it when I bought it, used, in '98. It sits in the garage all winter while I drive my Subaru. Hence the low mileage.

I’m getting ready to leave on a 500 mile weekend trip in the Acura, so it will have almost 85K when I get home on Sunday. Barely broken in.

Apparently people pay that much according to your research. That makes it worth it - whatever the traffic will bear.

You have the best of both worlds my man…

If you are buying, it always seems high. Have a pre-purchase inspection done and deduct for needed reconditioning.