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Faulty Speedometer

My speedometer is erratic. It works sometimes and not at other times. My mechanic has replaced the speed sensor but to no avail. He has replaced the speedometer itself but again to no avail.

What else could be the problem?

What year Subaru?

If you live in a large city you likely have a speedometer shop in town. That might be the answer.

This could be as simple as a bad ground connection or a loose electrical connection.
As Mr. Meehan suggests, a specialist speedometer shop is likely the best place to take this vehicle of unknown vintage.

The vehicle is a 1999 Subaru Outback.
It can’t be the speedometer.
As I mentioned, my mechanic replaced the speedometer and it still doesn’t work right.
He removed the entire panel and took it to a speedometer shop in Portland who replaced the speedometer. Howver, that still didn’t fix the problem. Mike Kane

My car (1998 Honda Civic) has the exact same problem and I don’t know the solution. I just replaced the speed sensor and it didn’t solve the problem (waste of $109). Here’s my post from several days ago.