Faults after repairs

Hey there I recently had my roof lining repaired and the next day when I hoped into the car 2/4 aircon vents in the roof, 1 of the rear lights and the DVD player wouldn’t work. I have tried to get the company back out to fix some of the dodgy edges they did and told them about these things not working and they have said they didn’t touch any of the plugs and that it must be a fuse. Seems weird that so many things stopped working at once. Is it possible it’s their fault

You have a question that is impossible to answer. There is no info about the vehicle as to make, year, and so on and whether or not this is some driveway repair job.

If the headliner was removed I might guess that it’s possible the roof vents, rear light, and maybe the DVD player could be related to what they did. If the people that did this are simply interior trim people then it’s unlikely they have the expertise to sort out an electrical problem.

By plugs I assume you mean electrical connectors. I would not think fuse because one of the rear lights works and a fuse issue should stop them all. This will be impossible for any of us to sort out here and all I can suggest is someone checking all fuses to start with.

It seems quite possible that they unplugged a connection or unscrewed a ground wire or in some other way disturbed an electrical connection. It wasn’t evident until after the headliner was back in place. It probably doesn’t take electrical expertise, just good ethics, to fix it.

It sure isn’t a fuse problem that is causing the trouble for the things you stated having trouble. I’m not sure what is causing the DVD issue. Hopefully the liner won’t need to be removed in order to fix the things that are having trouble.