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Convertible Top Won't Go Down! :(

Recently had my car in the shop for a problem that turned out to be the starter. However, they checked all the fuses and some wiring before agreeing with me that the starter was the problem. Now, my rear defroster doesn’t work, my doors don’t lock once the car starts moving, the rear windows won’t go down and most importantly, the top won’t retract past sunroof mode! I’ve check the fuses and replaced them whether they looked blown or not (both inside the car and under the hood) Help! Summer is coming!

You’ve got all kinds of electrical problems. Were all these systems working before you got the starter? When you picked up the car with the repaired starter did all these systems work then or not?

It seems you have several circuts, and relays out of commission and the question is did the starter motor repair cause all these other issues to crop up? There are circut breakers in the car as well as fuses so you need someone with good electrical diagnostic skills to track down the problems. For your car the dealer may be the best bet because they have all the wiring diagrams for your car.

I had zero problems before the starter repair. This is not sounding good. :frowning: Looks like my vacation this year will get cancelled so I can drive with the top down. Thank you so much for your input.