Fast idle

Have a 96 Ford Explorer. Recently new point and plugs but now seems to idle too high. I’m not a mechanic but can I adjust this myself?

No. The idle is controlled by the computer via the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve. If the valve is dirty or malfunctioning the idle speed may fluctuate or be too high or two low. The cause of the high idle needs to be determined and rectified. It’s not like the carburetor days when you turned a screw to adjust the idle.

OK. Many thanks for the prompt response.

The place to start with the IAC is to first just check the plug/wiring for it. Pull the connector, clean it up. It is also easy to just pull and clean the IAC. Use some carb cleaner or intake/throttle body cleaner. Clean all that up and if it doesn’t help, then go from there.

It could also be a vacuum leak. Make sure all hoses are correctly reconnected.

If you unplug the IAC while the engine is running, the idle speed should fall really low, and it may even stall. If it doesn’t, then either (a) the IAC is stuck open, (b) you have a vacuum leak somewhere, or © someone messed with the throttle plate stop position.

Did it happen immediately after you put in the new plugs? If so, the computer may have upped the idle air supply to compensate for a low speed miss due to the poor condition of the plugs and now that you’ve rectified it, it’s idling too fast. It will probably work itself out over time, or else sometimes there’s a specific “idle relearn” procedure that can speed the process.

It doesn’t raise a red flag when the OP states “recently new point(sic)”

You’re right about that. Maybe you get half a point per plug. Three points for a six cylinder and four for a v-eight.