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93 Ford Ranger High Idle

Ok, more to the topic. Yesterday I went mudding in my 93 Ford Ranger 4x4, and when i got home, i noticed my unusually high idle. Only when its in park or neutral. When it goes in drive its fine. I’ve tried to do serveral things. Such as clean out the Intake. Spray WD40 on the throttle springs and butterfly pivots. And still nothing, Ive tried to unhook the Air Idle Control when its running, and the idle is still unusally high. Its only when i re-plug it in when it goes down, and shoots right back up again…Problem?

Also,my truck usually idles around 800 RPM, and now its at 2,000 RPM. and heres a picture of it.

Take the butt of a hefty screwdriver and rap on that IAC valve with it. If that messes with the idle, pull the IAC & clean it. If that doesn’t help then you likely need a new one. If you unplug it the truck should stall, so there’s a good chance its stuck open.

Cleaning the throttle body wouldn’t hurt either - did you take a look in there while the intake was off? If you clean it use only a TB safe TB cleaner.

I cleaned it with a rag since at the time, it was the only thing i have. And since times are hard right now. I have to do everything i can without buying new parts. :confused: But, im going to try and tap on the IAC valve. Im sitting in my truck with my laptop so it’ll be a quick reply.

k well, i tried to do what you said, and the idle lowered, but it shot back up, and when i tried to repeat the process i was unable to do so.

also, if i take off the IAC valve, is there a seal i have to replace?

You do have to take it off to clean it - you need to clean out the guts, not the outside of it. It does have a gasket. If its never been off of there before then its likely that the gasket won’t be worth a darn. But it is probably just a paper gasket. If you can find one at an auto parts store it will be all of a few bucks. Or you can just cut one out some paper gasket maker material.

Either way, it is the IAC that needs attention.

im cleaning it out, as we speak. there was a pinestraw in it. lol i dont know how it got in there, but i pulled the guts out, and cleaned it… im putting it back together now

WOOO! the idle is back to normal, thanks a lot man

Glad to be of help. Pay it forward.

…and check your air filter for giant holes or something.

the something being rodents :slight_smile: