Fan clutch with or without ac

Hi I think I need a new fan clutch. Mine roars all the time when I turn on the AC and sucks up gas.
On auto zones website they sell some w/ac and without ac.
Does it make much difference.

I read somewhere that heavy duty clutches are the ones that roar. Are those the same as the ones with ac?
Will my truck/ac not run right if i get one without ac? thanks

Yes, that is why the manufacturer built 2 versions and why they sell 2 versions in the aftermarket.

It likely won’t cool properly with the non-AC version if you have AC.

My response is generally correct but you didn’t post ANYthing about your truck. Not the make, the model, the engine type, whether it HAS AC or not, miles on the truck… nothing at all.

These are 2 very easy questions to answer with a bit of common sense. If you come back and ask more questions, you will get far better answers to more complicated questions if you tell us everything you can about your problem and your truck.

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You already have a thread about this fan clutch problem so why start another one . All that does is make the replies confusing.

Thanks for responding.
It’s a 2001 gmc sonoma with a 4.3. It’s rear wheel drive.
It has 170,000 miles on it.
I do have AC, but when ever I turn it on my engine bogs down to the point where getting on a busy freeway feels sketchy. It’s very slow. It does it no matter if it’s hot or cold out.

My truck runs perfect all the time when the AC is off. I live in Northern California where it can get up in the 110s and have never had a problem overheating.
I’m wondering if the fan noise/ decrease in power is normal. I find it hard to believe it is. I don’t think the truck would sell.

I bought it used. If it had an fan clutch without ac installed from the previous owner could the extra stress cause the fan to constantly blow like it does?

Do you think the fan constantly roaring , along with the decreased power, could be normal.

I replaced my aic valve and have noticed my truck has been idling high sometimes. Could that be related.
Thanks for any input. I’m new to working on cars and know very little about how the ac works.

Thanks for feedback

I figured it was a different topic and might be useful and easy to find for someone with the same question. I did a quick search online and only saw one thread on the subject, It didn’t give a definitive answer.

I think you have more problems than just your fan clutch. The fan by itself should not cause noticeable power loss. AC should only provide slight power loss. Under heavy acceleration the AC clutch would normally disengage anyway.
Even though the engine is not overheating—yet—your radiator might be partially clogged causing the fan to engage more often. BTW, is your fan shroud in place or has it been removed?
As far as noise, when the electric fan turns on in my truck, it sounds like a jet engine, though not noticeable with the windows up.

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Thanks for the response. The fan shroud was missing the bottom half. Just put in a new one yesterday. It didn’t help.
I replaced my radiator less than a year ago. The problem was there before I replaced it.
It’s not an electric fan. It’s the stock one that came with the truck.

Just get a new clutch. Why are you waiting?

I’m aware yours is not electric, just a comment on fan noise.
I am wondering if you might have a missing fan blade or previous owner installed an aftermarket blade.

all the blades are there. They look pretty old, but maybe they are aftermarket. The car was salvaged after a crash. There was front end damage