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2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac - New noisy fan

Replaced the electric fan clutch for a new one Hayden brand and it’s making a loud-jet-roar noise that never did before. I bought my car with 9K miles on it, now is 96k and never had that noise. It’s nuts. Any ideas suggestion?

Sounds like a faulty new fan clutch.


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I tried 2 aftermarket fans in my 1999 Honda. Both whined. The third one I pulled at an auto recycler. It works fine and is quiet, like the original.

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Without burning yourself, Is the fan clutch hot to the touch after running? I wonder if it’s fully engaging.

I have to ask, Why did you replace it? And, of course I have to ask, “Did you ever hear the other one, original one, operate properly?”

Could the loud-jet-noise just be a properly operating fan (compared with one that wasn’t?)

Where are you listening from, Outside or inside the vehicle?

I bought my truck in 2010 and never heard that noise with the original part. Apparently it was bad, had wire problems and the fan was running slower than normal. The mechanic is telling me that the noise is normal. You can hear the noise from out and inside and, for me, the power is not the same either. Do you think replacing it for a new original part will change something or the Haynes brand is ok?

The noise may be normal for that brand and model of part. The part used by the OEM, Ford, is apparently better from the standpoint of noise.

I would get a used OEM part at an auto recycler, and not put up with an unpleasant sound.

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is the noise constant? or only when the fan clutch is engaged?

Why did you replace the fan clutch in the first place?

Are you sure you got the correct part? Rockauto shows Hayden # 3263 for your Ford. Is that what you installed?

might be apples to oranges, but the fan clutches on my big trucks sound like a jet engine when they engage. First time I heard it I though a plane was flying overhead. lol
I wouldn’t expect that from your Ford, though.

I’m surprised a 2008 model has a fan clutch at all. My 2005 gm’s have electric fans, no clutch at all that I’m aware of.

I’ve never heard of an electric fan clutch… yes, I’m going to Google it now.

Alright, now I’ve seen one! Lol. Have never owned a vehicle with one. I guess I went from viscous fan clutches to e-fans and missed out.

No experience with that brand. But if the new part is much louder than the old part, either that’s the way the new brand works, or the new part is defective. Either way it looks like you’ll need it replaced again. Common sense says to replace it with a part you buy at Ford, if the noise is bothering you. The oem Ford part will probably sound nearly the same as the old part you had to replace. I see Rock Auto has the Motorcraft part for $220 (for 4.6 L engine). Seems reasonably priced. That’s probably the one I’d choose. Hayden is $162.