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2011 Chevrolet Cruze - AC quit

For about the last year when ever I have the air conditioner on I noticed that the fan clutch turns on and off and short intervals and then recently the air conditioner quit Cooling my first thought was that I was low on antifreeze but when testing it showed that the antifreeze levels were where they were supposed to be when the AC is off the fan clutch works like it’s supposed to but as soon as I turn on the AC that’s when it starts turning on and off in the short intervals the air conditioner compressor does not seem to be having any trouble as far as what I can tell but I’m not really a hundred percent sure any ideas anything would be appreciated thank you

It is interesting that your fan clutch goes on and off considering this car does not have a fan clutch.

Are you referring to the electric radiator fan? Or are you referring to the AC compressor clutch?

If you post back with an answer, tell us which engine you have and how many miles on this car.

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The antifreeze has nothing to do with the air conditioner . This is not a do it yourself item so you need an independent air conditioner shop ( not the dealer ) .


Sorry, yes I would be referring to the electric radiator fan.
the AC compressor clutch doesn’t seem to be cycling on and off like that.

Also it has 145k miles
I’m not sure what the motor is but it says Ecotec on the top

If the car isn’t overheating and the AC is working I’m not dure what your concern is. The fan should cycle on and off, especially engine on but sitting still. There is no air pushed across the radiator by driving, so the fan must run to draw air across the radiator. There are only 2 engines for this car, both are 4 cylinders, one has a turbocharger, the other does not. This matters if you need to buy parts. It matters to diagnose problems.