CV Joint Replacement

I’m pretty sure that I need a CV joint replaced. I don’t have the tools, so I need to take it into a shop. What’s my best bet for getting this done (relatively) cheaply?

This is actually a job I would take to Midas. Your car is common enough and Midas replaces thousands of these in any one year. The parts will be “remanufactured”, not new as with the dealer. Your total cost would be just over half of what a dealer would charge.

Don’t go to Walmart for this.

However, you have to make sure first that you actually need a cv joint. Who told you, and how qualified is this person. If a good independent mechanic told you and he has the facilities, let him do it.

there are some new cv axles out there “made in china” that are inexpenive thwere is nothing wrong with rebuilt parts.

in the fit i would do the whole axle not just the joint itself to me its more cost effective

The primary driver of the car (my girlfriend) made the diagnosis. She’s had it happen to her before on other cars that she’s driven, so she’s familiar with the symptoms.

If she diagnosed a clicking sound when turning as bad CV joints, she might be right. However, I would still have a qualified mechanic verify that. How old is the car and how many miles on it?

I agree with Doc except that the Midas shops in our area apparently have a lesser reputation than the one he knows. I’d take it to a reputable owner-operated shop. Any shop that has been in business for awhile willl have plenty of experience with half-shaft replacements.

The good news is that this IS a common job. You should have no pproblem gettting a good and permanent repair. Expect also to need a full alignment as a part of the process.

@mountainbike We have 4 Midas shops here and there is one that has really served me well. The manager is actually a mechanic and explains in detail what the car needs. I realize that in other locations this may not be the case. And I would not have any CV joint work done by a Tire Shop.


I have personally had very bad experience with new Chinese axleshafts. Many of them were even noisier than my old axles, or just didn’t last very long.

I believe that EMPI axleshafts should be a good bet.