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Subaru Forester; Popping noise when turning right

When I take a right hand turn without applying gas to the accelerator the popping noise does not exist. So vice-versa for when I am accelerating. My question is how much is it to replace CV-Joints, and Axle?

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Not knowing where you are located or what repair shop you might use any GUESS of price from the internet is useless. Just have a trusted shop actually verify what is wrong and give you an estimate.

Thanks. I am located in Little Rock Arkansas.

I did the CVs on a Honda Fit recently and the cost was not as bad as I had feared ($750). This link from one of CarTalks partner sites breaks it down and includes a photocopy of the detailed billing. Just the parts were about $450, and I looked the parts up on the internet and verified that was a fair cost. We used a local shop we trusted and it was a quick fix. Done same day. The CarTalk Community helped me with some feedback on the pricing. The consensus was it was fair.

Rather than just assuming that CV joints are the problem, I would suggest that you have an experienced Subaru specialist take a look at the vehicle. I say that because the symptoms that you mentioned could also be coming from a Center Viscous Coupler that needs to be replaced.

If you didn’t rotate the tires on a consistent basis, and/or if you ever ran the vehicle with tires that were mismatched in terms of size, amount of tread, or possibly even the brand of tire, that would take a toll on the Center Viscous Coupler.

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Not sure how the cost on a Honda Fit relates to an all wheel drive Subaru.

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For a 2010 Forester I’m seeing $400 for the axle shaft ass’y parts cost, and 1 hour labor. I believe that’s for one side.