Failure to ignite

I can’t turn the key to engage the starter. Can’t take the car out of PARK to push the car out of the garage. The key will go to the second position. Any

Assuming you have tried everything, a different key, WD-40, jiggling the steering wheel, the next step is to call a mobile locksmith.

Or, if you just don’t care, obtain a large square shank screwdriver, a heavy hammer and a large adjustable wrench…Hammer the screwdriver into the lock about 3/4 of an inch. Using the wrench, turn the screwdriver until the troublesome lock crumbles and the screwdriver becomes your new key…Considerable force will be needed to carry this out…It will also have a MAJOR negative impact on your cars value, so this is strictly last resort stuff…

tried all the keys we have. jiggling the steering wheel. NOT going the hammer route though. Wife would be charged with murder.

As a last resort, a tow truck CAN extract your car from the garage and haul it to a dealership who may just farm the job out to a locksmith.

thanks. wont hauling the car out of the garage cause damage to the transmission since the wheels are turning.

Call a locksmith, ask if they will come to your house for this.Why pay for a tow, a locksmith, and dealer markup for the locksmith ?

Connect a jumper battery, or charger, to the car’s battery. Then, see if the key turns.