F350 Transmission Slip Error



Have a Ford F350 Diesel W/260,000 Miles, used to tow a 30’ Trailor

Consistently getting transmission slip errors when towing. Usually OK when not towing and the transmission never noticably slips.

Should I fix it, and if so, should I go down the rebuild or replace with factory rebuild option? Also, can I get away with only replacing the torque converter?


What year is the truck??



 260,000k miles on that trans which is used to tow???  It sounds like the trans is just tired and in need of overhaul.  Looks as though it gave you great service.  Anyways, you could go for a factory reman or, I, personally would rebuild yours.  Take it to a trans guy who specializes in building HD versions of your trans.  Let him know exactly what you tow with the vehicle and tell him you want it built Heavy Duty.  Once it starts slipping, especially with this many miles, its telling you its worn out.  Good luck with it and let me know if you have any other questions.