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Auto transmission

My friend bought a new truck so we did a full tune up, fluids, filters, plugs & wires, ect, he drained the trans, replaced the filter and gasket, he messed up the gasket and it drain the trans on his way home, he said it felt like it was slippin ghalf way home, he re did the gasket and refilled the trans and now in anygear it wont move unless you rev it to about 5k RPMS and you cant get any fater than 5mpg. i say he has cooked the trans, i just would like another opinion before i do a rebuild for him. thanks for you time. o and its a 3spd auto

If the transmission is full and he put the right fluid in it then yes the transmission is toast, but first make sure the correct transmission fluid was used.Someone in my family put 3 quarts of Dextron in a Dodge that called for ATF+2 and it barely moved. A couple of pan drops and fluid changes and it was fine.

Sounds like it’s fried to me. It only takes a few minutes to roast one and odds are halfway home is more than a few minutes.

its a ford and he used mercron, so the correct fluid was used

He HAS cooked the trans. Revving it to 5k with it barely moving superheated clutch packs and destroyed the frictions. It doesn’t take but SECONDS to destroy friction elements. Lesson here is if your transmission is slipping NEVER, EVER rev it higher. If he would have shut it down when it first started slipping he probably could have got away with re-doing the pan gasket and refilling.


Pretty expensive pan gasket, huh?

One odd thing does stand out to me a bit. The OP has to ask this question and yet they’re the one that is going to do the rebuild?

ya i was surprised, it was cheaper to get the trans kit ( gasket & filter) than just the gasket it self. Yes it does seem odd i know. i went to wyo tech and got my degree in hydrolics & diesel so im on the up and up with the heavy tractors and off road trukcs, and i have rebuilt transmissions and motors, rear ends, ect. i can fix 90% of shows up at our shop on the weekends but my diagnostics are not as great as my repair skills. im getting better but i dont wanna over haul a trans if there maybe somthing i missed or didnt know, p0lus i like todo my research on somthing before i fix it, ya know is this a common problem?, if so whats the remide for it s this dont happen again bla bla bla. that make more sense? and thanks to all you guys that helped, i greatly appreciate it!!