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F250 cold weather LIGHTS FLASHING

I live in rural Alaska where it gets pretty cold. My F250 SuperDuty Diesel does pretty well with one exception. When it is cold out (30 to -100), the interior and cargo lights flash when the vehicle is cold. It sits all night in the drive way blinking. This is a problem as it has killed two sets of batteries and I look pretty weird going down the road with my lights going blinky blinky blinky until what ever makes them go off happens. I then hear a click over by the light switch(es) but have had the vehicle checked by two different garages and they can’t figure it out either. Someone said something about oiling up the door latches. I have done that several times and that hasn’t had any effect on my problem. My non-mechanical mind is wondering if it might have something to do with a short in the diesel warming system. Just as an aside, I do plug it in starting at 20*F when its going to sit for long periods of time like overnight. Any more ideas?

Do you have any addons like a remote start?

Yes, I have a remote start too but I guess they ruled that out since it was blinking prior to the remote being installed.

The door switches on these trucks are incorporated in the door latches. If you suspect a faulty switch, you can unplug each door switch if your hands are small enough to reach the connector with the door panel off. I suspect you only have 2 doors with these switches. Replacements are cheap, but the latch assembly has to be removed to change them out. Good luck.

Thanks! Will get my cheap mechanic (my son) to try that. I don’t care at this point if the lights come on. I just want the blinking to stop. Will see if that works.

You could also try pulling the fuse for the interior lights if you don’t mind not having them until it’s more convenient to fix the problem. Check to see if anything else critical is on that circuit. Shouldn’t be but worth looking…

Ahhh. We didn’t think of that. Good idea and probably the most practical! Thank you!