F150 Transmission Problem

After starting from a stop sign, my 2001 F-150 Supercrew w/120K miles suddenly reved-up and the transmission began to whine. I was able to continue driving in Low (or 1) and some in (2) Reverse seems unaffected. Had the Transmission fluid changed about 2 monts ago, and have done so at regular intervals in the past. No other indication of a problem until yesterday, when this happened.

Any ideas? Could it be the torque converter?

I also have a 2001 F150 Supercrew that has recently started shifting into a very low gear prematurely. When I let off of the accelerator it shifts up again. This started at the same time the engine would die while driving on the freeway. I do not know if they are connected, but they both started happening within an hour of each other. Problem is sparatic. I took it to a Ford dealership and they said since the check engine light is not on and there were no “codes” left they could not find the problem, even though it happened to them while on a test drive. I have taken it to another dealer and will hear from them on Monday. Stay tuned.

The second Ford dealer found a bad ignition coil. They said it was giving off some signals that effected the tranny. It would cause the “computer” to reset, thus erasing all of the codes.