F150 Sudden Loss+Regain of Power while Driving

     A month ago while my dad was driving down the highway my car lost power. Radio turned off, the flashers wouldn't work, and I believe the running lights were still on, but the whole dashboard went dark. He managed to drift to the shoulder before the power came back. This continued to happen almost daily, the flashers then worked half the time and the gauge needles started shaking. We took it to a regular mechanic and they checked out the battery and alternator and both were fine. They told us they couldn't find anything wrong.

     My dad managed to figure out that if he jiggled the fusebox the power would come back sooner. Then he narrowed it down to gently pressing on a couple of fuses. I took it to an electrical mechanic and of course, the truck never died on them. But they did find loose pins inside one of the connectors, following that visit the truck worked great, but today I lost power again much like before. This time flashers worked, the gauge needles didn't shake, and the power came on after 2 seconds.

     Just looking for ideas about what could be wrong.

With out the year of this F-150 it is going be harder to help.
Do you have a check engine light that is on? if so, post the codes.
I am guessing and going to say it’s an electrical issue.
since you mentioned the fuse box, and no year of truck. I will leave the link below for something to check. also there have been some year trucks that had windshields that would leak water onto the fuse box causing problems.

Now I can read it.

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