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Intermittent Loss of Electric Power (5-15 minutes)

I just replaced the alternator, serpentine belt and battery on my '99 F150 5.4L. When I connected the battery nothing happened, not even the courtesy lights lighted. Using a DVM the battery voltage was 12.2v. While looking at the truck puzzled and scratching mosquito bites the light in the engine compartment lighted and I was able to start the truck.

Now when I turn off the truck on some occasions all electric power is lost. Without doing anything it returns in 5-15 minutes… there’s more… now when I turn the ignition switch over to start the truck the dash and interior lights go out and the stereo looses all presets.

I live in Dallas so heat is more of an issue than corrosion. Still, I’ve checked/cleaned the battery cables, cleaned the ground connections, checked the alternator connections, and checked current flow to ground.

Any ideas?


The data I looked at shows two gray fusible links tie to the battery and supply power to the accessories. Use your meter to check the power buss to the fuse panel under the hood. Somewhere there is a bad connection. It could be on the ground side also. Cleaning all the connections again may help. Look for signs of internal corrosion also in the wires near the battery.