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F150 stalls when driver makes sharp left-hand turns

A work vehicle of ours, a 1997 F-150 (about 169,000 miles) has recently acquired a tendency to stall if the driver makes a sharp left turn (e.g., when maneuvering in a parking lot). The truck then starts right back up. Automatic transmission. Any ideas???

If the power steering system is malfunctioning, the extra load on an out-of-tune engine might be enough to make it stall at idle speed.

If the vehicle has an inertia sensor (to shut the fuel pump off in the event of an accident) that may be malfunctioning.

There’s a power steering pressure switch mounted to the high pressure line. When the wheel is turned under slow speed conditions this switch sends a signal to the computer. The computer then commands the idle air control motor to a position that allows the engine to idle with the power steering load on the engine. Otherwise the engine can stall.

I can’t tell you why it would only stall in left turns but not right turns, but it might be something worth checking out.


Truck should have one, but a Manual reset, hard to restart condition would seam likely in that case.