2004 Ford Escape - Turns off when I turn the wheel

2004 Ford Escape
Goes fine in forward and reverse but dies soon as you turn steering wheel

The problem might be with the power steering pressure sensor.


This sensor informs the computer if the steering wheel is being turned. The computer then commands the idle air control valve to bump the engine idle up to compensate for the load the power steering pump imposes on the engine so the engine doesn’t stall.


As posted above, on most cars the engine is supposed to automatically increase its idle rpm when the steering wheel is turned. Turning the steering wheel, especially at low vehicle speed, puts a load on the engine by way of the power steering pump pulley, and that extra load at idle can stall the engine if not compensated for. The problems is likely from amongst these

  • The idle rpm increase function isn’t happening for some reason
  • It is increasing the idle rpm by allowing more air into the engine, but that is causing the air/fuel mixture to go overly lean for some reason. A vacuum leak could cause that. A fuel trim measurement