F150 AC condensation inside

Hey guys my 2003 f150 v6 occassionally leaks a little inside when running the AC for long periods of time. Its only a little bit, and Ive noticed it after several road trips with the AC on the whole time. I am aware of a service bulletin fix on this. Essentially the problem is the two drain holes are horizontal through the firewall so air blows water back in, and the fix is to fit two L shaped hoses to block the wind and allow the water to drain downward in the engine compartment. I have done this months ago and it has largely solved the problem, when the water was more of an issue. My question is, is some condensation to be expected or is something clogged up? From time to time the heater core area makes a faint rhythmic rattling that goes away eventually. Hope this makes sense. Thanks

Check to see if the drain tube is restricted with compressed air or string trimmer line.


ok thanks. I’ll check soon as I can. Tied up with work and all hell broke loose weather wise this evening. Hopefully maybe its a little clogged.