F-150s are piled high and waiting

Ford F-150s are currently being heavily advertised on local television and I checked and found 50 new trucks within 50 miles of me here in North Mississippi. I was amazed. I thought there was a shortage of popular vehicles at dealerships.

Ford Secures Chips to Finally Finish Thousands of Incomplete F-150 Pickups (thedrive.com)

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I notice the Ford dealership now has more vehicles on their lot. Even, what appears to me, new Mustangs.

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I think Ford makes more on pickups than any other vehicle. It makes sense that they would build them and not lower profit vehicles.

@Rod-Knox The last time I cruised dealership lots after hours (just looking with no real intention to talk to a salesman, let alone buy anything), there were exactly zero new half ton trucks on the local Ford and GM lots. I’ve noticed inventory has increased some, but it doesn’t appear to be near what was considered “normal” levels. Admittedly, I haven’t been paying a ton of attention lately. I’m not interested until they start allowing $10-12k off msrp again…so maybe never again!

There are more than the handful the local dealers had a few months ago but except for the big volume Seattle dealers you’re still seeing maybe 2,000 off. The Chevy dealer’s been parking Tundra’s and F150’s on the front row of their lots to make it look full.

Those F150s and Tundras must belong to the Chevy dealer employees🤪

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I didn’t see if they were Fords or not but saw a transport yesterday with a bunch of trucks on it heading south. They were all white though so may have been corporate trucks.

Article in today’s paper about the new vehicle shortage. Inventories are 77% below where they were two years ago, and many are sold before they get to the lot. Not good.

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Like I said getting my Acura serviced at the dealer, they had a few in the show room but said they were having trouble with deliveries. But holy cow the one they had in the show room was $20,000 more than what we paid. I think I’m being priced out.

A couple months ago a guy at a gas station said he wanted to buy my early 70’s truck. Said he’d give me his 92 F150 and $15K.

I had to get rid of mine after 20 years, rust so bad it would turn 2 different directions going around a turn,

Were you tempted? “Give me $20k and keep the ‘92!”

70’s era 4wd’s are pretty rare, though. For all of the same reasons any old vehicle gets rare…plus the fact that trucks, especially 4wd’s, usually get used and abused.

no, that’s not gonna work for me

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