Ford unveils the new F-150

… and it looks like a winner–as long as their reliability can remain better than that of their competitors.

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Does it have a turbo 4 cyl like the chev?

No, looks like the engine lineup continues as 2020 with the exception of the new hybrid version.
The Ranger has a turbo four.

I think back to the 1951 Ford F-1 uncle purchased new and I rode in numerous times. It had a flat head V8 and a three speed column shift. My uncle waited until the 1951 was available because the 1950 could only be had with a floor shift. I guess things change over 70 years.


Wow, $33,000 for a stripper. I can remember when a Ford, Chevy or Dodge pickup was cheaper than any of their cars.

That’s the sticker price, the stripper 2020’s were closer to $20,000 right around new years. Local dealer has theirs marked down to about $25,000

I am completely turned off by modern pickups, tiny beds perched so high that you need to pick something up to shoulder height to load the bed and then you need a step to get up in the cab. I would rather have anybody’s 1950 pickup.


the bottle opener sold me


Hopefully it will only be used to open root beer bottles :smiley:

Is it just me, or have today’s new pickups and SUVs reached cartoonish proportions? Today’s “medium-sized” trucks and SUVs are bigger in every dimension than the “full-sized” models of just 20 years ago. And what is sold as a “full-sized” truck today sits way too high, and is much wider and longer than similar models from just 10 years ago. Also, the current configuration of a 4-door extended cab with a small open bed is not nearly as useful as the regular cab, long bed configuration of the past.

I work in HVAC, and have driven many work trucks, and they were all either full-sized cargo vans or regular cab, long bed pickups with the exception of one company which used the first-generation Ford Transit Connect. I really liked the ride and ease of driving and parking the Transit Connect, but I wouldn’t want one today. A work truck like the 2001 Toyota Tundra I drive today is the way to go.


It’s not just you

All current model full-size trucks are HIGH

you really have to climb up and into them

We still have a few older trucks in our fleet, and they’re much easier to get in and out of

And I’ll say something else . . .

Not all the current bucket seats are very comfortable. Many of them are murder on my back. That was NEVER a problem with the old bench seating. the way some of the backrests nowadays are contoured are just outrageous. Just who do they think is driving these trucks . . . ?!


General Motors and Ford offer 2WD regular cab trucks with an 8 foot cargo box, you don’t see them on the street because people don’t buy them.

This is nothing new, in 2008 I was looking for a used Ram, it took 3 months to find a half ton with the small V-8 and 8 foot cargo box. Most new truck buyers chose the short bed and the gas hog 5.9 L engine. It is no surprise, the long bed four door doesn’t park well at the grocery store.

Rentals at one city I’ve travelled to are either minivans or pickups, I take the pickups. The two models I’ve had are the Frontier and new generation Colorado. Even on those trucks, I almost needed a step to get into the cab.

In a different city, I took a RAM long bed with the regular cab, and it was almost impossible to park. Loved the hemi, though.

That’s the same size as F-150s from 15 or 20 years ago

Pretty much the same capability and GVWR, or darn close

I don’t know how people park many of these new trucks. It seems like they keep getting bigger and bigger as the parking spaces get smaller everywhere you go. In several lots my cx-7 is just big enough to fit in the spot and still be able to open the door without dinging anyone, or getting dinged itself.

Are you sure it’s the seats that have changed and not your back? :wink:


It’s DEFINITELY the seats and not my back


What’s changed is the contour of the bucket seat backrest . . . Fords trucks are particularly uncomfortable. Chevy truck bucket seat backrests are okay for me

And I’m not the only one at work that’s commented on these uncomfortable bucket seats in the Ford trucks

@db4690. It’s interesting that the current Chevrolet pickup truck has a more comfortable seat than the Ford pickup. Back in the early 1970s, I tested a 1968 Ford F100 and a 1968 Chevrolet C10. Both pickup trucks were half ton. Both had 6 cylinder engines and three speed manual column shift transmissions. I found the Ford F100 had a more comfortable seat than the Chevrolet C10 and more legroom. Both trucks had bench seats. I guess things change after 52 years. I think the buyer back then got more truck for that time period’s dollar than the buyer gets in a pickup with today’s dollar.