Extra Hose

Car: '97 Ford Explorer 4WD. I just replaced the rear shocks. I feel like the proverial mechanic with an odd number of bolts left after the job is over. There is a hose, about 1 inch, coming off the top left rear axle; it is clipped to the body just above the spare (outside) tire. It is open and I cannot find anything that it inserts into. What gives?

I think its just a vent.

It’s the vent for the axle housing. If the hose is ever chewed up or missing, water can get into the housing. That’s what used to ruin manual transmissions.

You especially want to make sure it’s intact if you ever tow a boat onto a boat ramp. It’s definitely the axle vent.

Makes sense. Thanks for the advice. PEColoradoSpring