Where does the other end of this hose go?

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I have a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport. I found a hose dangling from the rear end and found that one end connects to the transaxle but can not find where the other end connects to. This is a half inch rubber hose, no liquid involved, I beleive it is for air pressure but after removing the spare tire and poking around I could still not find where it goes. Any Idea?


Your rear end should have a vent to allow for heating and cooling. On a 4WD, the vent needs to be routed to up higher than any water you might drive through. You just need to find where it is supposed to attach to the body.

Thanks Manolito (My Name is Manolo and my Moms use to called me Manolito, don’t know if you been through the same ordeal?) Anyway, is this also true of a 2WD which I have?

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All components that contain fluids and gears must be vented. This is because as the fluid and gears heat up, the pressure in that component increases. If the component isn’t vented the increase in pressure within the component would blow out the seals causing leaks. So yes, the rear axle in your vehicle needs to be vented.


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