Could someone tell me what this is?

I noticed something hanging off my rear axle near the passenger side wheel. I pulled this off. Anyone know what it is? Thanks. Sorry, I have a 2007 Chevy HHR.

Looks like a piece of fan belt from road debris.

It feels somewhat like leather. The inside of it (as you can tell) looks very worn. It seemed to have been a complete circle until I pulled it off. I was wondering if it was something from the rear hub. but I have no idea. It’s probably 10 to 12 inches in diameter.

“Pulled it off” implies it was attached to your axle. Is there one on the other side?

Bing is right.

I don’t think an HHR has v-belts so it was probably on the highway. Your front tires could very well have kicked it up a little off the highway surface so it landed on something under the rear of your vehicle.

I enlarged (zoomed) the photo 600X and then 800X to see if
(a) the ends seemed to match up,
(b) the material appeared to be a molded elastomeric shape or flat,
© the inside edge appeared to have been a continuous circle, and
(d) there appeared to be a fibrous matrix encapsulated in the material.

(a) It’s hard to tell about the ends, but the match is hard to make if there is one.
(b) The material appears to be a flat elastomer with a cloth embedded in it. a gasket of some sort, I could be misinterpreting the pixels as weave.
© I was totally unable to create a circle out of the inside edge
(d) (see b above).

I’m going to posit a wild guess that it might be a gasket from between two body panels, perhaps not from this vehicle. But this is only a wild guess. If I could get really close up pictures of the edges of the ends, perhaps I could ascertain whether it was a circle or not.

How about the steering wheel cover for an air bag that deployed during an accident from another vehicle? And your vehicle just so happened to pick up this debris that was left on the road?


How about a rubber spring isolator that worked its way out?

They said it felt something like leather.


Wild guess . . . part of an inner fender liner

That’d be your upper consolidation percolator pump relay lining. Keep your turn signal fluid topped off and this wont be a problem next time!

Might be a good idea to ask your mechanic to remove and inspect that tire.

Sorry, I couldnt help myself. Id say its likely something kicked up off the road. If the car runs and drives fine, dont worry about it. Maybe its a snake skin!

Them darn Yeti’s!!!

always leaving there crap in the roadway