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External temperature sensor 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

My external temperature gauge consistently registers 10 degrees too worm. How can I calibrate it? I cannot find information in the owners manual.

This is a warranty issue. Take the car back to the dealership.

10 degrees too worm? That’s terrible!

As VDCdriver suggested, have the dealer calibrate the sensor or replace it. This should be covered by the warranty.

Yesterday, we had someone whose car was damaged by a toad.
Today, it is worms that are the problem.

It’s the revolt of the animal kingdom!
Run for your lives!

In all likelihood the sensor needs to be replaced. If the car is on warranty, then I would have it fixed. If it isn’t on warranty, I would just mentally subtract 10 degrees from the reading. You should realize that I am the type of person who doesn’t set his clock on daylight time–I just mentally add an hour in the daylight savings time period.