2000 blazer's outside temperature is never right

The outside temperature indicator has quit working properly.

How far off? I don’t know where it is on a S-10, but your should be able to change the sensor out.

How important is this feature too you? Because it can be expensive to fix. I myself find the bank signs that show the outside temperatures to be accurate.


The sensor is clipped to the same metal bracket that holds the hood release mechanism. With part in hand it would probably take 1 minute to replace.Follow the wires to a small bulb looking sensor.

Thank you the replies. As far as how important; not very. It’s usually 30+ degrees off. Hot or Cold. I’ll look for a small bulb sensor. I’m not a car repair type guy though.
Is there any correlation between this problem and the dash gas gauge not working properly?
Thanks again.

No correlation, the gas gauge on my 2000 Blazer has been busted for 2 years. The sending unit is built into the fuel pump assembly so it’s an expensive repair. The temp readout on my Blazer is within 2 or 3 degrees of the outside temp.

Thank you. Sounds like we’ll continue to monitor the mileage and try not to run out of gas, lol. Will try to find that sensor bulb for the temp readout device, although my wife and I have a good time with readout particularly when it says it 46 degrees outside when it is actually 96 degrees.