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Exploder Sport gears will not engage

Good morning. 2000 explorer will not engage in any gear even after installing rebuilt tranny that I really believe is solid and even still do. The The only common denominator is the same torque converter. The same symptoms as the previous 5r55. The original tranny sprung a major leaks so I replaced the front seal and the fluid but nothing happened when I got it all buttoned up. We lost our home to a house fire recently and motorcycle took a dump on me now we are freezing in this trailer with no running water and only an extension cord for electric 9 miles from town. Please advise.

I would start by taking it back to the shop that installed the rebuilt transmission, it should have some sort of warranty.

I installed the rebuilt one and I got it dirt cheap from a reputable source. A friend helped me button it up both times. I was underneath on the passenger side and he was underneath and on the drivers side so he would, for example, be reconnecting the shifter linkage when I was reconnecting the tranny coolant lines. Does this sound like it could be something as simple as the shifter linkage? I have alarmingly little experience with trsnsmissions.

Quite possibly

is this replacement trans a rebuilt one? or a used one? and why wasn’t the torque convertor replaced? especially if the original trans wasn’t working properly?

I really hope you unbolted the torque converter from the back of the engine and properly seated it into the transmission before bolting the transmission to the engine, and then tightened the torque converter back to the flex plate.

If you left the torque converter attached to the engine through the R&R of the transmission (both times), you more than likely damaged the torque converter or the front pump on the transmission.