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Gear shifter slips does not engage transmission

Hi all, I have a 2003 Ford Explorer V8 that was running fine yesterday (no signs of transmission problems)

This morning I got in to go to work and started the vehicle and put it in drive–nothing. I revved up the engine. Knowing this would solve nothing, put it in park and tried putting it in drive again. Nothing. Then I tried reverse. Nothing. Every time I moved the lever (gear shifter) nothing happened. Not a click, clunk. No sound.

After I got home from work I tried it again. I looked at the fuse for the transmission it looked fine.

Any ideas?



Take a look under the truck, see if the shifter is still connected to the tranny, also check the fluid level.
Thank you.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Putting the gear shifter to neutral puts the vehicle in neutral. It just is not engaging the transmission (apparently) when it is placed in anything other than Neutral or Park.


If the manual shifter is working correctly and positioning the manual valve correctly, that leaves the absence of line pressure as the next suspect. Have you done as ‘castironman’ suggested and checked the fluid level? Do it with the engine running and run the shifter through all the gears. If the fluid level is at the ‘cold full’ level and the fluid does not have an acrid smell, you will probably have to get the Explorer to a transmission shop for diagnosis.

Hope that helps.

I will check the fluid levels.

Could you explain this: “and positioning the manual valve correctly”