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What parts to use?

i have 2004 volvo v70 wagon. love the car, not fond of repair/maintenance costs. i am in need of catalytic converter. if i replace with a volvo part the cost is considerable. if i use an after market part, the costs are more reasonable. will i do more harm than good to use the after market part?

I would use an aftermarket and get the work done at a quality independent muffler shop. If check engine light issues happen to turn out, you have a warranty to rely on, rather than your diagnostic skills.

The catalytic converter is almost useless anymore, replace it as best you can for the least money possible.

OEM or aftermarket both have to meet the same government specs. Get the aftermarket.

I would qestion the need for a new cat on a 2004 vehicle.

How many miles on this car, and who told you you needed a new cat? And why?

Was this one of those “catalytic converter below threshold” codes?

Sometimes a new oxygen sensor fixes that problem for a fraction of the cost of a new cat.

Agreed…it’s called misdiagnosis…or sleazy mechanic trying to make a boat payment.

Get a second opinion…What happens all too often…after plugging in the ODB-II reader it gives a bad reading of one or more of the O2 sensors…This tells the mechanic that either A one of the sensors are bad…or B the O2 sensor is reading a bad performing Cat…Now which part is going to be the most expensive and make me the most money???

Would this be covered under warranty? Polution control devices are covered longer than the regular powertrain warranty.

the car has 92,000 miles on it. i’ve had the car since around 45,000 miles. i heard the “rattle” and the mechanic could not duplicate the noise. after servicing the car was completed, the mechanic and i went for a drive and he barely heard it. after looking and “tapping” under the car, he pinpointed the noise to the cat. i did not get any reads on the computer, it was just a noise.

i am not the original owner and did not purchase an additional warranty.

thank you all for your feedback. it helps to read what others think. i will get a second opinion and probably will go with the aftermarket part.
the shop i use is very reputable and i don’t believe they would fabricate repairs.

There is a federal warranty on all vehicles for the cat for 8 years/80k miles. You state you have 92k miles on it so you’re out of miles. Also, the rattle could just be the shield that’s covering it up and not the cat itself