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Exhaust problemss

So I’m having an exhaust problem and I am buying a new pipe, the problem is not sure how to replace because of the position of the leak any suggestions, I have pics of leak and pipe I plan on buying attached… I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee 4l v6

A good muffler shop can fix this so there will no leaks for a reasonable price . There is also a good chance that you have other places that might need attention.

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I went to a local bender guy, replaced it for less than I could have bought parts for and even got a warranty. Had to use it and got charged $2.30 for a clamp.

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Here’s one more vote for taking it to a good local muffler shop. Somehow they can do this kind of thing faster and better and sometimes cheaper than you can DIY.

I have a feeling the exhaust shop will just replace the entire pipe and hardware

Besides the crack, the rest of the pipe looks to be paper thin by now

Do a little research to see if you can find the shop manual procedure for replacing that pipe. if it’s not too big of a job (meaning you don’t have to remove something difficult to remove, like the transmission, or major supporting cross-members, etc), that sort of thing is often a diy’er-friendly job. Even easier on a vehicle that sits high up for good ground clearance, like a Jeep. The place you buy the replacement pipe will have advice how to do it and the other stuff you’ll need. Replacing an entire pipe like that is easier than trying to fix one leaky part of it.